[poetry] War Paint

This was written earlier this school year, probably December 2006. It’s much more modern in style, I think, than any of the other poems here, but the subject matter is essentially the same. This one is about Orbivm, actually. The colors symbolize the Lavinians, the Sidhe, and the Marauders,  in that order.

War Paint

A clash of colors spills together.
Deep indigo, old purple, the color of blood,
Wells up from the southern plains.
Bright as gold, cold as steel.

A green, but not green,
And gold, as a flower
An elven shade comes alive
From the dark depths of the forest.

And brown. Undyed fur
Of the northern bear.
Light-grey stone
Frost, wind, white.

They run together,
A black blend.
On the battlefield.


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