[poetry] The Duel of the Damned

This was written sometime in late 2005, during fall of junior year. I wrote it over several days while walking over to UD from school. It would probably be better as a power metal song, actually, since it seems to me that it has to be sung. Anyway, it’s about the final battle between Gweddry and Mal-Ravanal – Mal-Ravanal is damned in that he is undead, and Gweddry is damned in that he is doomed to die. The ‘horse-lord’ is Owaec, by the way.

The Duel of the Damned

So the Lord of the East met the Guard of the West,
And they battled a battle to see which was best,
And from morn until sunset, from dusk until dawn,
They strove and they dared but the battle raged on.

And the Horse-Lord was slain by a knight of the damned,
And the Spectre destroyed by the iron-clad man,
And the mage by an axe, the adept by a bow,
And the mauler by shadows the Lich-lord did throw.

So they died and were felled, lost their lives and undeath,
Till the Lord and the Guard were the only ones left.
And they stood face to face, neither making a sound,
Charting the air and observing the ground.

Then the Lord of the East cast a spell through the air,
But the cheers of the crowd saved the Guard from despair,
And he rose up anew, undeterred by the cold,
And attacked with a fervor courageous and bold.

And he slashed with his sword though his blood flew bright red,
And he never did stop till the Lich-lord was dead.
So the Archon was slain by the Guardian brave –
But his wounds killed the Guard before he could be saved.

Now his funeral pyre was rich as a king’s,
And they honored his house with the gifts they did bring.
But the Guardian was slain, and could never return,
And his body was gone and the pyre had been burned.


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