[poetry] Hubris

This poem is an experiment with terza rima, the rhyme scheme Dante used in his Divine Comedy. I wrote it in November or December of 2007 after listening to Kamelot songs, deciding to write a poem incorporating numerous references to them, and deciding that this rhyme scheme worked best for it (though it’s really cumbersome to use in English – it works much better in Italian, where you can rhyme much easier). If you want, you can interpret this poem as narrated by me, but it isn’t really – it’s just narrated by someone rather similar to me who has a quarrel with God.


Sometimes I grow restless o’er piteous minds,
A billion screaming voices to the abyss,
And there’s only a handful of worthy kinds.

Sometimes I desire a smaller world than this,
So twas easier to be loved or reviled,
And life’s true purpose was harder to miss.

Sometimes I see that life’s patterned and tiled,
Monotonous, monochrome, simply too long.
I wish I were once again only a child.

Sometimes I want not to follow along,
To be as an island, though is said Man cannot.
For some reason ’tis solitude that’s thought wrong.

Sometimes I laugh at what I should not
For the world is stupid, and large, and mundane.
I wish to live as a Cartesian dot.

Sometimes I think I know what would be sane,
That God would do better with me at his side.
But I see all the same I am hopelessly vain,
And that even He could not compete with my pride.


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