[poetry] A Family Reunited

The first and last couplets of this poem have been in my head for a while. They came to me after reading Robert Frost’s over-valued poem “The Road Not Taken” in 11th grade English. The rest of it follows naturally, but had to wait a year and a half to be written. I finally got around to it in October 2007.

The subject matter is pretty simple – the story of Oedipus – and the poem isn’t particularly deep. In a sense, it’s just a long and not very good pun on the word “trivia”. It’s not horrible, though.

A Family Reunited

Reunion where the three roads meet
If you don’t move I’ll have you beat
A father slain by slighted son
First half of prophecy is done

Reunion at the Theban gate
Where riddle-games are tempting fate
A mother and a son share bed
‘Til he is blind and she is dead

Reunion in the place below
For father, mother, son, but no
Reunion in Elysia
To share a piece of trivia


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