[campaign] The Sceptre of Fire

I made this campaign in the first half of 2005. This was the third and last campaign I wrote that was set in the Wesnoth universe, and the best of the three, I think. I am really glad that it was added to mainline for 1.4, since if it had not been my only official Wesnoth campaign would have been my worst.

The plot of this campaign revolves around the creation of the Sceptre of Fire, commissioned by Haldric II. The clan of dwarves who crafted it had serious political problems, and a band of angry elves chasing after them.

To play this campaign, download the Battle for Wesnoth and it should be in the “campaigns” menu. If you use Debian or some other apt-based Linux distro, you’ll need to install the “wesnoth-sof” package in addition to the “wesnoth” package.


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