[campaign] The Eastern Invasion

This is the first Wesnoth campaign I ever wrote, in the summer of 2004. I don’t pretend that it’s very good – in fact, I think it is among the worst of the official Wesnoth campaigns out there – but it is an official Wesnoth campaign, which is something at least. If it hadn’t been mainlined I probably would have gotten discouraged and not continued writing campaigns.

The plot of this campaign revolves around an invasion of Wesnoth from the east by an army of undead. It was inspired loosely by the game Myth II: Soulblighter, from Bungie. The main character, Gweddry, is a rather boring generic army man; the white mage Dacyn, the advisor, is more interesting. The big baddie is named Mal-Ravanal, and his backstory sounds cooler than it is.

To play this campaign, download the Battle for Wesnoth and it should be in the “campaigns” menu. If you use Debian or some other apt-based Linux distro, you’ll need to install the “wesnoth-ei” package in addition to the “wesnoth” package.


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