[campaign] Saving Elensefar

This was the second campaign I wrote for Wesnoth, in the second half of 2004. I had wanted to try something new – using an interactive world map rather than just progressing in a set order from scenario to scenario. The WML for this was rather innovative for its time, but it is pretty out of date now, and the plot is somewhat silly. This campaign is the equivalent of a movie with really fancy CGI and not much else from 20 years ago – the CGI is out of date, and interesting only from a historical perspective, and it has little else going for it.

At least, it would be like that if anyone else had ever decided to make a campaign using an interactive main world map. As far as I know, there are still no other campaigns that do so, and so even though Saving Elensefar is really out of date and everything, it’s still the only thing out there.

The plot of this campaign revolves around Meneldur the Mariner, an elf banished from his nation for an unnamed treachery who now captains a trading vessel based out of the seedy city of Elensefar. When that city is sacked by orcs, he sets out in search of an army to defeat this orcish menace.

To play this campaign, download the Battle for Wesnoth and then go to the “add-ons” menu. Find “Saving Elensefar” in the list and download it. Then, when you restart Wesnoth, go to the “campaigns” menu and Saving Elensefar should appear at the bottom.


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