[campaign] Gali’s Contract

This was the fourth campaign I wrote set in the World of Orbivm (and the fifth such campaign – one was written by Oreb and edited by me), written between June 2008 and January 2009 . It is rather short, only seven scenarios long, and is in some ways more bleak than even Alfhelm the Wise, I think. It suffers somewhat from Gene Wolfe-itis – a plot that, while feeling authentic, doesn’t really build to a natural climax.

This campaign is set parallel with part III of Alfhelm the Wise, in which Alfhelm commissions a sword from the Cavernei and receives it on the eve of his confrontation with Vaniyera. It follows the Caverneus who received his contract – the Runesmith Gali – and Gali’s adventures as he tries to complete the contract in time.

To play this campaign, download the Battle for Wesnoth and then go to the “add-ons” menu. Find “Gali’s Contract” in the list and download it. Then, when you restart Wesnoth, go to the “campaigns” menu and Gali’s Contract should appear at the bottom.


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