[campaign] Alfhelm the Wise

This was the second campaign I wrote set in the World of Orbivm, written between Fall 2006 and Summer 2007 (yes, it took that long). It is of epic length, includes the first female character I have ever tried to write, and is even more depressing than my other campaigns (almost all of which are quite depressing). It’s also probably the best campaign I’ve written.

The plot of this campaign revolves around the adventures of Alfhelm the Wise – whose father was king of the Marauders and fought against Lavinium, but died in battle – and his quest to avenge his father, by sacking the imperial city, and his mother, by defeating the Sidhe warrior who killed her.

To play this campaign, download the Battle for Wesnoth and then go to the “add-ons” menu. Find “Alfhelm the Wise” in the list and download it. Then, when you restart Wesnoth, go to the “campaigns” menu and Alfhelm the Wise should appear at the bottom.


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