Return, 2011

January 16, 2011

The hiatus announced three months ago has official come to an end. Regular posting will resume tomorrow, or whenever I get around to writing something up.

For those wondering why it took me until January 16th to return when I said it would be late November: I got quite busy with schoolwork around Thanksgiving and it didn’t let up until mid-December, at which point I had applications to finish up, and I decided not to return to posting until I was done with all of them. I submitted my last one yesterday. The final semester of my undergraduate career is about to begin, but I don’t expect it to be particularly work-intensive, so there will (one hopes) not be another hiatus. Also, I’ll make an announcement here if/when I hear back from grad schools and decide where to go (if anywhere).


A Short(?) Hiatus(?)

October 7, 2010

As the astute observer will have noticed, over a week has passed since my last post (my goal is generally to post at least once every week), and similar delays have occurred several times over the last month or so. There is an explanation for this, which will perhaps not surprise you: I’m really busy. I’ve taking above a normal load of classes, several of them are  graduate-level, and I also have graduate school applications to deal with. These excuses, combined with the fact that inspiration has rarely struck regarding topics for posts, have led to me not fulfilling my quota.

Anyway, I’m going to declare victory on this one and say that I’ve been going on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time. I’ll probably make at least a few posts in the coming months, but probably (probably) won’t be back on a regular schedule before December or so. I apologize for not being able to provide an adequate amount of intellectually stimulating material, as I’m sure I usually do. Don’t delete me from your RSS feed.

Can Computers Think? Posters

August 31, 2010

I was going to write something up about the question of artificial intelligence and whether or not computers can think. But then I came across this set of posters. So instead of writing anything I’m just going to spend a few hours reading all of them. Sorry.

But you can read them too.

A Quick Note

July 2, 2010

For those who have noticed I haven’t posted much in the past few weeks; I regret to inform you that I will also not be posting much for the next few weeks either. I’m currently on vacation in Galveston, TX, and when I get back will be immediately flying to Spokane, WA. I’ll be back at home on the 12th or so, and will perhaps get around to making some posts by the 14th or 15th. We’ll see. I’ll have a lot to talk about; I’ve been reading Cormac McCarthy, and want to give a review of his The Crossing, a quite excellent book, and will also probably talk about Hopkins and Eliot a bit. But at the moment, I’ll be going back to the beach and hoping the sun hides behind some clouds so its less hot.

New Material

April 11, 2010

Some new material on the blog:

  • New poem filed under “Writing”: “Autumn,” a very dark sonnet. One of my better poems, I think – probably because I wrote it after Junior Poet, and so had a better understanding of how poetry works – though also uncharacteristically nihilistic.
  • New link in the right-hand column: Pictures for Sad Children, a very dark webcomic written by John Campbell. (Reading it reminded me of The Magnetic Fields for some reason. I might write something about that connection eventually.)

I find it somewhat odd that these are both quite depressing, since I actually haven’t been particularly angsty recently; I don’t really have any explanation for that. Anyway, enjoy.


March 23, 2010

Earlier today, The Daily Kraken, a blog I’ve read for the last few years written by a grad student at the University of Ottawa, linked to Inklings, a blog written by a friend of mine from school (though, bizarrely, I first met her online through that blog, then later met her in person). Since I list both in my Blogroll (over there to the right), I suspect that I was the source of the connection, though I could be wrong. Anyway, I’m taking this opportunity to link to both of them and say, “read! They’re interesting!” And often talk about things similar to those discussed on this very blog.

Incidentally, I used the word “blog” or a derivative thereof five times in the above paragraph, and was struck once again (I’ve noticed this before) by how hideous it is, even considering it’s a neologism. Why can we not use “journal” or something? Sigh… (Which is a funny looking word, though a fun one.)


February 11, 2010

It snowed today in Dallas. I haven’t looked at any numbers, but there’s snow 5 or 6 inches deep in some places. And thus my 7-10 class tonight was canceled, and we might not have class tomorrow.

The snow is awesome. There was much throwing of snowballs, building of snowmen, and general frolicking among the students here. The one downside is that my shoes were completely soaked, and then dried out, and then soaked again even worse… I probably won’t be able to wear them tomorrow.

Anyway, that is all. Back to our regularly scheduled programming sometime in the near future.

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