So Weit Wie Noch Nie

I recently came across the song “So Weit Wie Noch Nie” by Jürgen Paape. Here are the lyrics, and my translation of them into English:

Wir hören ein Singen im Raum
Singen im Raum
Singen im Raum
Wir jagen die Monotonie

Wir machen aus Stunden ein Jahr
und Mondschein aus unserem Haar
Wir fliegen so weit wie noch nie


We hear a singing in the room
Singing in the room
Singing in the room
We hunt the monotony

We make out of the hours a year
And moonshine out of our hair
We fly higher than ever before.

What’s fascinating about this song, I think, is the sense of joyous fatalism that it captures. Some friends of mine who heard it said it reminds them of someone intentionally driving a car off a cliff, or maybe into a wall. These were people who don’t know German, but it fits with the lyrics; “we hunt the monotony,” and “we fly higher than ever before.” I used it as background music in a film for German class to impart a similar tone – that the characters’ actions are pointless, but that the pointlessness doesn’t matter, and is even perhaps beautiful.

It’s an interesting aesthetic, one of resignation, of recognizing and accepting the transience of human life.


4 Responses to So Weit Wie Noch Nie

  1. Dan says:

    It’s funny you should compare this to driving a car off a cliff! That’s very different to my appreciation of the song. I’ve always associated the song with a state of optimism and euphoria, like someone who’s just fallen in love. However, I don’t speak German, so I didn’t know what the lyrics meant.

    • mordren says:

      Same here. The song makes me want to dance and happy.
      I like the sound of the words in the song.
      So cool to listen.

  2. Josh M. C. says:

    We hear a singing closeby
    singing closeby
    singing closeby
    We chase away the monotony
    We make a year out of a few hours
    And moonlight out of our hair
    We fly like never before

  3. yasmina says:

    I have listened to this song many many times trying to recognize a word in latin. Today I randomly googled the lyrics and I was fortunate to find your website.
    When listening to this song I felt like it was about convincing someone to leave, to escape, or to follow… but to change places. And I aways heard the voice of the singer as an angel (or devil) explaining something… beautiful!

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