Moving In (September)

So I’ve spent the last four days moving into my new apartment, buying books for the next semester, etc. The week before that I spent procuring furniture for said apartment. Hence my recent lack of postage. (It seems like a lot of the bloggers I subscribe to have been moving in the last few weeks – makes reading my RSS feed much less fun. Guess I’m doing the same to however few people subscribe to me.)

Anyway, this new semester has another interesting feature, aside from what I’ve talked about several times before, with it being the third year I’ve been at the same school, something that hasn’t happened since 5th grade. Namely, for the last year the class of 2011 has been divided in three – the Fall Romers, the Spring Romers, and the people who didn’t go. Now basically everyone is back. It will be fascinating to see how the different social circles meld and break up. If I make any good observations about social behavior I’ll post about it.

And for those interested, my list of classes: Junior Poet (I’m doing Gerard Manley Hopkins), Medieval Literature, Linear Algebra, Analysis I, Intermediate German I. I’ll also probably sign up to audit The Russian Novel.


3 Responses to Moving In (September)

  1. Carolina Maine says:

    Gerard is a favorite of mine. Are you Catholic? I know some people who are not but have attended Catholic schools.

  2. I am, yes. That’s not the primary reason I like GMH, but it’s probably a decent part of it. It’s much easier for me to get along with poets who have some sense of the “sacramental imagination”, even if they’re not Catholic.

  3. Carolina Maine says:

    You have an interesting site. If you are interested, some of my older posts cover poetry forms/structures (when I started a year ago). I am doing a basic poetry review right now since I have a lot of hits for that type of thing.

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