The Moral Imagination

The First Things blog is a fascinating source of insight, I find. Something came up today that really agrees with what I’ve been saying about seeing the universe as not just a physical object but as something with a meaning not reducible to it’s material and efficient causes. The post is Monsters Under the Bed and Other Biblical Doctrines.

A good word related to this which I learned recently is “numinous”, an adjective meaning the power or presence of a divinity. The numinous would be that which gives us the sense that there is more to the world than what we only see and feel.

I also like, in that post, the statement that “we give them a story that provides the only comfort that really is lasting comfort; it’s a comfort that the enemies have been defeated”. This is a large part of what Christianity is about. If you are on the side of God, you cannot lose. There is no question that God will win. The only question is, will you side with God? As long as you do so, you may fail in many ways, but in the end you’ll triumph.


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