Halfway Done (May)

It rained more today than any day so far this semester. Not that I’m complaining; I love rain. I just find it amusing that I couldn’t wear long sleeves for the last week or so of April and then had to wear my long black trenchcoat today because it was so wet and cold outside.

Anyway, now it’s May. We have one week of classes left, then a week of final exams, then we’re done for the semester and I will have been at college for two years. (I’ll be a junior and almost a senior by credit-hours, but I’m still going to take four years to graduate, so it’s not like that matters.)

This feels really weird, because it means I’ve been at UD for as long as I’ve been at any school since 5th grade. I went to one school for K-5, but then went to four different schools over six years (one for 6th, one for 7th-8th, one for 9th, one for 11th-12th). And for the most part I was forced into a completely new group of people each time. When I go back to school in the fall it’ll be the longest I’ve spent at one school, with the same group of people basically, since I was ten years old.

But it doesn’t feel like I’ve been here that long; I still look at UD as the new place, with Cistercian as the old place that I went to for longer, even though I went there only two years.

It’s kind of like Rugnur, from the Scepter of Fire. He starts out assigned to a post at one of the dwarven gates, but after the campaign starts and he has to go to the dwarven council, he never returns, has adventures for fifteen years, and then dies. He didn’t spend fifteen years at his original post, or anywhere close, and did spend several years trapped in the land of the Shorbear clan, but I suspect he always looked at his original post as “his”, and felt like a traveler just passing through for the entire fifteen years of his adventures.

Is it a kind of self-deception, or is there something to it – are you more attached to where you spent time when you were younger, even if you spend more time elsewhere later on in life? I’m not sure.




2 Responses to Halfway Done (May)

  1. e7th04sh says:

    I used to feel a great emotional bond to Warsaw. I’ve been born there and spent eight least important years there. Then my parents moved to Gdansk, and for quite long time i’ve been thinking of Gdansk as a place where i stay till i can earn my own money.

    When going throug hWarsaw by train, i always felt it is a special place. And now it’s all gone, i don’t feel like that anymore.

    Perhaps i will go spend a month or two there in future, to find out what do i really feel about that place.

  2. That’s interesting – how emotional attachments fade over time. I’ve lived in pretty much the same city my entire life (my parents moved here when I was one), so I don’t really know how that works. I guess if I moved away from Irving I might feel some sort of emotional connection with it when I came back to visit. I know if I went back to my school’s Rome campus (where I spent last semester) I’d feel an emotional connection with it, but that’s mostly because, in a way, it symbolizes all of Europe for me.

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