Calm Down (March)

So, this semester has not been at all how I expected it to be when it started a month and a half ago, socially speaking; it’s been a weird roller-coaster, actually, and now I’m just about back where I started. Fun.

Anyway, social life interesting => little accomplished elsewhere, and that has indeed been the case. But spring break is coming up soon, and hopefully I’ll have some free time to get some Orbivm pixel art done, finish up the short story I’m writing, prepare to submit a (different) short story to the Writers & Illustrators of the Future writing contest…though I will have to cobble together an hour-long presentation about fractal dimension for my Math Colloquium class at some point as well.

I know I talk a lot on this blog about finally being able to sit down and do some work – but hey, most of the time when I say that it’s true. I tend to go in cycles; get a lot accomplished in a month, then get nothing done the next month, then get a lot done the next, etc.

What’s interesting about the coming month is that not only am I energy-wise moving into the “lots of work” cycle, but the social part of my life is being forcibly calmed down as well. (You can read this as referring to romantic entanglement(s) if you want to, but that’s not the only valid interpretation, and that’s all I’ll say about that.) To put it another way, there definitely won’t be many distractions in the coming month, and not only because nine days of it will be spent at home rather than at school.

Anyway, what Wesnoth/Orbivm character does this remind me of? In a strange way, it makes me think of Konrad, the hero of the original Wesnoth campaign Heir to the Throne. He dithers around for the first several scenarios of the campaign, and only starts focusing on his goal of finding the Scepter of Fire basically after the scenario Princess of Wesnoth, in which he fights Li’sar (whom he eventually marries, but whatever).

Konrad, portrait by Richard 'Jetryl' Kettering

Konrad, portrait by Richard 'Jetryl' Kettering


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