Unrecognized (December)

This is it – my final month in Rome. I only have about 12 days left, actually; I go back home early in the morning on Saturday the 13th.

I am really already ready (now there’s a series of three words, ea?) for the semester to be over. I’ve done all the traveling I plan on doing, except maybe this weekend (and it won’t be anything major). All I have left to look forward to is finals, and then I’m going back home.

Going back home… now, this is the first time I will ever have gone almost four whole months without seeing my family. I look somewhat different now that I did when I left – longer hair, different clothes (I lost some and had to buy more). I also feel like a different person – the Rome semester has changed me, I think, in ways good and bad, intentional and unintentional. I might post, later, about some of the stuff I think I learned from it… not here, though. Probably not until I’m back in Irving.

Anyway, this return home reminds me a lot of Malin Keshar, the antihero of Descent into Darkness (an excellent mainline Wesnoth campaign), who returns home several times, with varying degrees of welcome. He ends up, of course, (and this really shouldn’t spoil the ending for anyone, even if they haven’t played it,) becoming a lich, never able to return to his village again. Hopefully I will not have changed that drastically. Being fought off as a murdering blasphemer by my sister and uncle would be a slight problem.


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