Revised Plans

So, due to some mix-ups in the train schedules (basically, the Trenitalia website has no bearing on reality and so, when we went to Termini to actually make our reservations, we found out that the trains we wanted to take didn’t exist), my plans for next week have changed. Instead of going to Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, I’m going to southern France – Lyon, Avignon, and maybe some other towns. We don’t know exactly what yet. Which will be cheaper than Spain would have been anyway, but I would rather have seen Spain…

Also, just a heads-up that it would be foolish of anyone to expect me to respond to anything between next Wednesday and Monday.

Since I didn’t end up going anywhere this weekend (I was exhausted, somewhat sick, and lazy), the trip above described will probably be the only one remaining for me this semester. Though I might go somewhere the weekend after that (Dec. 4-6), depending on if I feel like actually studying for the finals I would have the following Monday (Dec. 7). My flight back to Irving is on Dec. 13th – only three weeks away.
Things should get back to normal-ish for me after that – you know, regular posts here (instead of random gaps of two weeks) and actually working on Orbivm a decent amount.

That’s all the housekeeping for now, I think. More interesting posts to come after I get back from France, probably.


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