Rushed (October)

I’m making this post just forty minutes before I leave for Greece for ten days (during which time I will not be posting because I don’t have internet access). So I’m kind of rushed, even though I’m not actually going to run out of time or anything.

Actually, this month is probably going to be rather rushed the entire time, besides. Greece will be a constant shuttling between different ancient sites, then we have exams, then just a few weeks later we leave on 10-day (which is actually nine days) and that will be drive-by tour of four, maybe five different cities. Fun. Then October’s over.

Anyway, what Wesnothian character is this like?… It seems kind of like Konrad from Heir to the Throne, the original Wesnoth campaign. He travels basically in a giant circle over the entire damn continent, giving you a tour of the entire country, while gathering up an army to defeat the evil queen. I’m doing something similar; I’m traveling over the entire continent, and while I’m not trying to defeat an evil queen, I do have objectives.

Anyway, here’s Konrad. He’s gone through more portrait versions than anyone else, probably, except maybe Li’sar; this is his most recent one.


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