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So, in my Art & Architecture of Rome class, we have been studying – you guessed it – the art and architecture of Rome. Specifically, I’m thinking about the Roman Forum. We went there last week, and one of the strongest impressions it left on me was that… it isn’t really very organized.

Each building is, for the most part, perfectly geometrical and symmetrical and uniform by itself, but the way the area is laid out, on the whole, isn’t. You kind of have a building here, a building there, some of them make sense in relation to the others, some don’t, but you certainly don’t have any overall geometrical plan. Here, check it out for yourself. The buildings are made almost entirely of right angles and curves – the forum, as a whole, is not.

I know this is kind of a silly concern. But it somewhat bugs me. If the buildings are going to put so much emphasis on unformity and proportion and geometry and suchlike, shouldn’t the city as a whole be more organized than this? I would almost prefer, if you’re not going to plan the city from the ground up and organize the entire thing geometrically, for the entire city to be done so that each building fit closely with its environment and, thus, for all the buildings to work together…

On a completely unrelated note, I’ll mention my travel plans for the rest of the semester, just for the hell of it, so people know when not to expect posts, and because it’s cool.

Obviously I’m in Rome right now. This is where I’ll be for most of the semester.

October 3 to 12, I’m going to be in Greece on an official trip (i.e. not much free time and we still have classes, but we’re traveling).

October 24 or 25 to November 2, we have “10-day” where we can travel around wherever we want. I’m going to be in Austria for at least a few days, and probably also see Munich, and this is really all I know right now. I’m still working out the details with the people I’ll be traveling with.

November 7 to 9, I’m going to be in Stockholm, Sweden, for a weekend trip. I leave at 6AM on the 9th, so it doesn’t really count; I have basically a day and a half there.

November 12 to 17, I’m going to be on a group trip to Venice, Florence, and Assisi.

November 27 to 30, I have “5-day” (even though that’s 4 days), which I will probably spend in Spain.

I fly back to the US on December 13th.



3 Responses to City Plans / Travel Plans

  1. e7th04sh says:

    why don’t you see some of Poland, perhaps? It’d be cool meeting you in real person ;)

  2. I don’t think Poland is a possibility, unfortunately (I had wanted to see Poland) – our rail passes don’t cover Poland, even though it’s in the EU, which I find odd. :/

    BTW, the current plan for 10-day (which the most open for change) is to do Zurich (or maybe somewhere else in Switzerland) for the first four days or so, then Vienna for two or three, then Salzburg for a day or so, then Munich at the end, but that’s likely to change a few times. If anyone who lives in those areas feels like hanging out around these days, I might be able to arrange that. :P

  3. e7th04sh says:

    If it’s Eurail what you’re talking about, i guess it has something to do with the fact with have dumbasses in charge of PKP (polish rail company, in control of all infrastructure)

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