Internet Connections

I would write a long post about something or other, but I’m too frustrated currently with how unreliable the WiFi on campus is (and there’s not anywhere to plug in an ethernet cable!). I have been trying to do an “svn commit” following running wmllint on the Orbivm config files, and it keeps refusing to go through. I have a connection, it just isn’t constant enough to actually upload or download anything – it’s not like these are big files, either, it’s less than a megabyte total.

It’s funny how much this frustrates me, and yet a few years ago the very idea of doing what I’m doing (sitting in a room without any cords plugged into my laptop and using the internet) was completely unheard of. Heck, twenty years ago the internet as we know it pretty much didn’t exist (there was something called the internet, but it wasn’t really the same thing)… how quickly novelties become conveniences become necessities.


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