The Wanderer (September)

As you have probably already read, I now reside in Rome – for the next four months, anyway.

But it’s not just that I’m in Europe… I’m going to be roaming around Europe a lot. This weekend our class takes a trip to Naples and Pompeii. The week after that is a travel weekend, and I’ll probably end up going somewhere there, though I’m not sure where yet; the week after that I’ll probably stay in Rome, but even so I’ll be seeing a bunch of stuff in the city and all that.

So… basically, in September, I’ll be wandering a lot. I’m currently listening to the sounds “The Wanderer” by Elvenking and “Wanderer” by Ensiferum; they fit pretty well with what I think this month will be like. You might say that those songs are the official songs of this month.

And who is the relevant Wesnothian character? Well, it has to be someone who travels around a lot, kind of a tourist. A human going from normal lands to somewhere foreign. Any good options?

I think the best choice is Alanin. He’s the Wesnothian representative among the dwarves in the Sceptre of Fire campaign (which I wrote). So, this month, I’ll be Alanin.



Incidentally, tomorrow I’m turning eighteen and it will be legal for me to drink in Italy. And vote in the USA. Yay, I guess.


2 Responses to The Wanderer (September)

  1. Winicyus says:

    very cool…

    I didn’t know alain…

    xD Great Explanation xD

  2. e7th04sh says:

    Happy Birthday adult Turin – i tought you’re like… 20? Always tought you’re older than me – just don’t think it’s because you’re so mature. :P

    Anyways, funny – i too am turning 18 soon – exactly at 13th Sep. Hey, it is funny you were born a week beforem :)

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