Fun with LEGOs

So, I went to the toy store today and bought $190 worth of LEGOs. I got two of the new Castle sets (they have dwarves and orcs, which is kind of cool, though their orcs are green) and three of the 50th anniversary original LEGO sets, which are about $35 each – they have just normal bricks, and lots of them, great for building actual castles (rather than the wimpy ones that come in sets). So far I’ve built the two Castle sets – one’s a Dwarvish Mine and the other a Dwarvish Catapult, with a grand total of four orcish attackers, five dwarves, and one giant troll – and am going to use the sets to make a new version of this castle.

I’ll upload more pictures to my brickshelf page when I’m done. This is going to be fun.


One Response to Fun with LEGOs

  1. Stephen Wang says:

    What the? Joseph spending $190?

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