Good News

I got the award letter from my scholarship today, which means that it is now almost certain that I will be in Rome this fall. Which is good news for me, but perhaps not so good news for this blog – I expect to have much less time to maintain it than I do currently, and so my post rate might drop to once every week or two weeks. I’ll probably also start having more posts on history and art, since I’ll be studying those subjects for the first time in a while come next semester, plus I’ll be in Rome so how can I not talk about that stuff? I also expect the amount of work I put into Orbivm and Wesnoth to decrease by a lot, though perhaps that won’t happen – it depends on how much sleep I want to get.

Anyway, just a heads-up that this blog might slow down come end of summer.


One Response to Good News

  1. Stephen Wang says:

    w00t, awesome (the Rome stuff, at least)

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