The Passage of Time (May)

It’s odd. The semester is almost over – my finals end May 13th. Yet in some ways, it feels like the semester has just begun. I know it hasn’t, and when I think about the beginning of the semester and compare it to now, it does feel like quite a while ago, but it also feels like there ought to be at least another month or two of school.

Perhaps this is because I’m used to the high school calendar, which, compared to the college calendar, actually is about a month longer. But somehow I think it’s something else. My theory is that it has to do with a kind of “social calendar”, and mine has been thrown off.

Basically, while I’m still hanging out with the people I hung out with at the beginning of the semester (which would be basically the Play Super Smash Bros Brawl crowd), I’ve started hanging out with another group of people over the last month or so, and it seems strange that the semester is ending only a month after I start associating with them. It still has the feel of the beginning of the semester because I’m still meeting new people every week.

I don’t know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing. I don’t dislike most of the new people I meet – but in general, I just don’t like knowing so many people. I talked about this last month too, I know – and it’s gotten worse, not better, since I did so.

But, of course, summer is going to start soon, and then I won’t have this problem at all. After May 15th or so I’ll probably be a bit more isolated than even I would prefer. But, that means I will get to accomplish a lot more than I have over the last month (it’s hard not to accomplish more than essentially nothing).

This isolation, of course, will be forced. So it doesn’t remind me so much of Crelanu as of Thursagan – the dwarven sage who is driven out of his clan following a struggle with Lord Durstorn. It wasn’t exactly involuntary, though – as seen in “Searching for the Runecrafter”, he wasn’t eager to return.

So, anyway, this month I’ve chosen as my character Thursagan from the campaign The Sceptre of Fire. Incidentally, that campaign has recently (well, “recently”) been mainlined, which I’m fairly happy about, since I wrote it. I now have two campaigns in the official Wesnoth distribution and three campaigns released on the campaign server (plus one, Saving Elensefar, which has unfortunately bitrotted and is no longer playable and another that Brutorix has taken over for me).
Thursagan, from the Sceptre of Fire


One Response to The Passage of Time (May)

  1. Thrawn says:

    I know that “wow, the semister is almost over?!” feeling.

    just 1.5 weeks

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