April Fools

I think it’s clear now – I have too many friends. Or, really, a better way of putting it would be that I know too many people.

Why is this a problem? A few different reasons:

  • While there aren’t that many whom I actually desire to not know, there are many whom I honestly don’t care if I know or not – they’re rather generic, actually. So I find it kind of irritating that I’m forced (by social convention) to associate with them.
  • For whatever reason it just seems like it would be more fitting for me to know fewer people. It’s an issue of aesthetics. I don’t want more than five or ten people I associate with regularly. It strikes me as unnatural that every time I walk across campus I encounter at least two or three people I know and am obliged to at least greet in passing. (I’ll try not to rant too much about the inanity of saying – you’re not really asking, after all – “what’s up?” while passing someone who’s walking the opposite direction.)
  • It feels like I’m wasting a lot of time hanging out with people when I could actually be productive. This applies to people I want to associate with as well those I don’t. It’s not just in my head either; I finished the short story I was working on over Spring Break and haven’t started any new writing project since (and, while it seems quite recent, that was two and a half weeks ago), I haven’t really gotten anything done with Wesnoth or Orbivm since break either, etc…

But it doesn’t look like my circle of acquaintances is going to shrink any time soon. Unfortunately it’s probably going to grow. I might have to take drastic action sometime in the near future to correct this problem… i.e. stop being nice to people (though it’s not exactly like I’m nice to them now; I really don’t understand why people are willing to associate with me).

Whatever. I suppose there are worse problems I could have.

Anyway, is there any character with this kind of anti-social problem? I think so – Crelanu the mage. This is the description santi (author of Legend of Wesmere, where the character Crelanu comes from) offers (from here):

Crelanu is a rather mysterious character. Low deliberately leaves many questions open-after all these can lead to more campaigns. Clearly he is a very old guy, looking wise , with a white beard and a purple robe and staff. Is he good or evil? Low does not specify. Did he come with Haldric and Jessica in TROW or was he a lieuteunant of Jevyan? Again, Low does not specify, as it is also not specified whether Landar slays him or not when he forgets his potion in News from the front. So this is where you can make the decision, if these are to figure in the drawing specs. I would picture him to look sincere, he is very concerned with preserving his life’s work(his book) more than anything else-something like a scientist devoted to his work.
(Right, I can see Crelanu’s drawing a la Einstein with his tongue sticking out). He should look serious, but I would not give him the exact “dogged” style of determination I would save for Delfador. He is more resigned, save for his will to save his book.

[He is] someone who sees his end coming and cannot hope to find someone else/better to entrust his book to, at least not in the neighborhood he lives in and time he has left.

Obviously that description is rather open to interpretation. Mine is that Crelanu lived somewhere rather populated, a mage working for a noble lord. Eventually he decided that his life’s work – his eponymous book – was more important than people and he left, worked on it until the end of his life, and then realized he had no one to give it to.

This connection with me is clear, and I won’t belabor the point. But I will post kitty’s new Crelanu portrait, which, as always, is pretty damn good…

Crelanu, by kitty


2 Responses to April Fools

  1. e7th04sh says:

    Try convincing some people worth knowing to buy a small island and live there, with no more than a thousand other people. That would be cool: artists, philosophers, intellectualists, scientists…

  2. Santi says:

    Although this is irrelevant , I should not take credit for Crelanu. His book is mentioned well before me, in the dark Hordes and also in IP’s Wesvoid

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