The Ides of March

First off, congratulations to the Wesnoth dev team for releasing 1.4 (the official announcement hasn’t yet been made but it will be in the next few days). Yeah, technically I’m a Wesnoth dev, but since I don’t actually do a whole lot for mainline it doesn’t really count, does it? Anyway, if you’ve never played Wesnoth before, download 1.4 and try it out, it’s a damn cool game.I’ll stop advertising now. On to what I actually want to talk about. It’s now the month of March. What do I expect to do this month?

First off, I want to finish the story I’m writing (which I started last November and have been working on at random intervals since then). I’m at 5595 words right now – that’s around 8.5 pages single-spaced – and it’ll probably end up being around 7000. Which means I probably won’t actually finish this month, but you never know.

I’d also like to actually get some work done on Orbivm. Development has stagnated over the last month, mainly because I’ve been obscenely busy with assorted Real Life tasks. But most of those are out of the way now (after tomorrow, anyway – I have two midterms then), and hopefully I can get my Orcei Gladiatores campaign written, make some tweaks to the three current campaigns, and perhaps even get the Feudal Era into a releasable state.

Finally, I need to figure out – soon – when I want to go to Rome. I’ve already turned in my application, and I put down Fall 08, so if I don’t take any action I’ll be in Europe from September to December. But I I’m conflicted – there are also compelling reasons to go in Spring 09 instead. So I might end up changing my application, meaning I’ll be in Europe from next January to next April. And I need to decide soon – before the end of March, definitely.

But, of course, I really don’t expect to get either of the first two tasks, or the final one actually, done until Spring Break. I’ve found that college, while the classes don’t take up too much time, has a tendency to suck away time that could have been productive, meaning I don’t do much with regards to writing or scripting more than a few days a week. Which means that this month, with regards to what I want to do with it, actually starts on March 15th, not March 1st.

Now, as always, I must look at what Wesnothian or Orbian character that makes me. I’m going to have to say Primus Maximus. First of all, because Primus is modeled on the historical person of Julius Caesar, who died on the Ides of March, and I can’t resist making that connection. But also because much of my current thought is preoccupied with Rome, whose counterpart in Orbivm is Lavinium. And because Primus was a builder, creating the Lavinian Empire, unlike many of the main characters in Orbivm – Alfhelm, Vaniyera, etc – who destroyed. That’s what I’m trying to do this month. But we’ll see how successful I am.
Julius Caesar


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