Purpose of Blogging

If you’ve read this blog for any length of time (read: one post), you might have noticed that it isn’t exactly typical – I try to post on a regular basis, but the posts tend to be more like essays than short notes, and in fact I’ve adapted several essays written for school for posts here. My posts tend to average around 1000 words, which is fairly long (four pages typed double-spaced).

There is actually an explanation for this. The main reason for this is that I’m not primarily interested in audience interaction, or with gaining a huge readership. (I’m averaging about 20 hits per day, which is quite small, but so what? I don’t get anything for bringing people here.) The real point of this blog is to force me to write down my thoughts so that I can get them in order. For example, before I wrote my recent post about clothing, I wasn’t sure exactly what my thoughts on clothing were, I just knew that, instinctively, I wore more clothing rather than less, and that that wasn’t the case for some other people, and I decided one day to sit down and write about it until I had figured out why.

While I followed essentially the same process before I began this blog, this has the advantage of recording my thoughts, helping solidify them by forcing me to write them down for someone other than myself to read, and opening them up to public criticism. Without it, I would probably be too lazy to write anything down, and would end up musing about the same subjects over and over, never really coming to any conclusions.

In other words, what I’m doing isn’t exactly blogging, as it is usually practiced… I don’t provide commentary or news on a particular subject, and this doesn’t function as a personal online diaries. I rarely if ever link to other blogs. Reader interaction occurs but isn’t a major component. So I don’t seem to really fit Wikipedia’s definition of blogging, at any rate, other than that my posts appear in reverse chronological order.

In short, this is technically a blog, but… don’t think blogs are particularly important or novel or even good. I write one because it’s amusing and it helps me, personally, to write essays like I do here, not because I think it really matters. It helps me because I’m lazy and would never write anything if I didn’t feel like there was a deadline I had to meet, even if self-imposed. But why do these other people blog? Honestly, I don’t understand it. They seem to just like to hear themselves speak…


3 Responses to Purpose of Blogging

  1. Terry Finley says:

    It’s like eatting fish: swallow the meat and spit out the bones.

  2. Austin says:

    Yeah, 80% of blogs fizzle after a month or so when their author realizes he has nothing to write about…. Or when no one reads it.

  3. Stephen Wang says:

    I view blogging as more of writing on a slate that is visible to the world, even if the visibility is low—regardless of the amount of readership or the content and length of posts. The thing about blogging is that it’s an awesome medium of free speech. There is not really a “typical” average word length of posts on a blog, because blogs have a variety of purposes. Some blogs generally only have long posts, like yours, or some only have very short entries, and still some combine the two, providing snippets of text in addition to long posts of opinion and organized thought.

    I’ve been meaning to write a little bit on my blog about the purpose of blogging in my opinion for a few years now… what I’ve just written here to you happens to be a brief summary.

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