Come Wind Come Snow Come Winterland (January)

January in Texas is not like January anywhere with decent weather patterns. In other words – it doesn’t actually get cold. It gets somewhat chilly, but no more.

It’s interesting, though; I’m from Texas, and I complain about the weather here, but many of the people from further north prefer the Texas weather to their own. This reminds me of the opening of the TÝR song Eric the Red;

What brings you here my friend, what brings
you north to where hell is of ice
South from the sand dunes where hell is of
fire, why have you come so far

In the south hell is of fire, but in the north hell is of ice. Hell, in other words, is weather taken to the extreme – if you live in a cold climate, you have to fight the cold to live, but if you live in a warm climate, you have to fight the heat.

My preference for snow over a burning sun would seem, then, to be a case of the grass being greener on the other side. Perhaps it is. I suspect that if I lived somewhere cold, I would dislike the extreme cold just as much as I dislike the extreme heat

I would still prefer, however, to live in the cold rather than the heat. It seems to me that it is more natural to have a hell of ice rather than a hell of fire. After all, heat is energy, and cold is simply the absence of heat. Wouldn’t it make more sense for the evil to be fought to be an absence of energy, rather than to have evil be a positive force? Thus a cold climate is better than a warm one, because it will make you fight the cold rather than the heat.

If I can reference Dante’s Inferno, look at the ninth circle of hell – the sinners there are trapped in ice, not fire, and that is a worse punishment than those in less low circles perishing in flame.

So… who from Wesnoth or Orbivm does this make me? Well, clearly I have to be someone from a fairly warm climate, warmer than average. Wesnoth doesn’t really have any warm climates, so it’ll have to be from Orbivm. The most obvious place to go would be Nemidia, so I’m going to say – Jugarthus Massaesylus. He was born in Nemidia but ended up in the north, in Silvia, and died there alongside his commander Caius Regilius. I imagine he too preferred the cold over the heat; otherwise he would not have traveled several thousand miles north from his homeland as he did.

Jugarthus’s main role in the Legion is to act as advisor to and mouthpiece of Caius Regilius, the tribune.  Now, another thing about this month will be… I’ll have a rather large amount of free time. We don’t go back to school until the 22nd. During that time, hopefully, I’ll be able to get quite a lot done. Hopefully. But if I imitate Jugarthus in this, as I suspect I will, I won’t actually accomplish much because I can’t initiate anything myself – I can just seize upon something and run with it. We’ll see.

So here’s a picture of Jugarthus. Remember, it’s not pink, it’s tcolor.

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3 Responses to Come Wind Come Snow Come Winterland (January)

  1. Rimbecano says:

    Still, as somebody who moved here from somewhere with decent weather patterns, I’ll take a Texas winter over a Texas summer any day, even this winter which has been as uncommonly warm for Texas as last summer was uncommonly cool. Northerner (or at least mid-lattituder) though I am, I’ve always prefered cold to heat: It’s easier to build a fire than an air conditioner.

  2. I like that – “it’s easier to build a fire than an air conditioner”.

  3. Rimbecano says:


    The weather does seem to finally have chilled though…

    (I notice from your About the Author page that you’re attending U Dallas, I live in the SW Dallas area and commute to UTA, so we’re probably getting similar weather).

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