Now, I don’t like copyright. But I really do need to sit down and read Free Culture eventually to clarify my arguments against it. It’s free to download; I’ll probably read it over break and post back when I’ve done so.

But this post itself has a more practical purpose. So far, I haven’t said anything about the license all of the stuff I’ve posted here is under. I think that means, by default, that I retain all rights to it. I wouldn’t really care if anyone borrowed my stuff, but currently they aren’t really allowed to.

My question is – should I explicitly place everything/anything here (the blog posts, the various stuff under “writings”, etc) under a specific license? If so, which one – perhaps the GNU General Public License, or one of the Creative Commons licenses? Does anyone have any expertise/experience in this?

Since no one is likely to want to borrow anything from this blog, it doesn’t particularly matter, but it can’t hurt to make it possible for them to do so.


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  1. Stephen Wang says:

    I personally use this one:

    I don’t know the specific advantages/disadvantages between this and GNU, but you never really see anyone placing a GNU license on a blog. (Or do you?)

  2. The main reason I would consider using the GPL is that, due to all Wesnoth content including the campaign server being under the GPL, much of what I have worked on over the past several years (essentially everything Wesnoth- or Orbivm-related) is GPL’d. Since the GPL and the CC licenses, while similar, are incompatible, I wouldn’t want to get into the rather regrettable situation of being unable to use, for example, the story of a campaign on the Wesnoth server as the basis for a story I post here. So it might be a good idea to stick to one license for everything.

    To get around this, I’d have to change the license of the Orbivm stuff – which I wouldn’t be averse to doing (I’d have to dual-license it, since I want to be able to put it on the server, but I’m fine with that), but which would be rather hard to accomplish, since its a community effort and the dozen or so people who have contributed have done so with the understanding that everything is GPL’d.

    But, since the CC licenses do make more sense for non-code, I’m tempted to just wave my hand at it and say “no one will care, the spirit of the licenses is the same so what the heck”. After all, the CC I’d be likely to choose would be essentially the same as the GPL, just perhaps with an attribution clause…

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