A Year Later (November)

I started this blog back in November of 2006. It is now November of 2007. Thus I have been blogging for one year. I guess I’ll keep going, since I still have stuff to say. When I run out, or find that I’m repeating myself, I’ll probably stop.

I don’t really know if anyone reads this (I get about 20 hits per day, on average, but I don’t know how many of those are bots). But I don’t really care, becacuse the point isn’t really to reach a bunch of people and convert them, its to work out what exactly my opinions are. I don’t need anyone reading this to do that. The reason I keep a blog instead of a private journal is that I’m too lazy to write this kind of stuff down if I don’t feel like someone else might possibly read it and get something out of it. Plus putting it in public makes the ideas available for critique and improvement.

Well, like I said, it’s now November. For the last year, I’ve been assigning a Wesnoth character who I will resemble each month, to make clear what I expect the next month to be like. It’s usually fairly accurate. So far, I’ve been:

  • Alfhelm (November)
  • Mal-Ravanal (December)
  • Thursagan (January)
  • Dacyn (February)
  • Vaniyera (March)
  • Alfhelm (April)
  • Leithan (May)
  • Meneldur (June)
  • Dacyn (July)
  • Baldras (August)
  • Malin Keshar (September)
  • Gali (October)

Interestingly, I was Dacyn twice and Alfhelm twice, but never for the same reason. The first time I was Dacyn, I was thinking “math! math! math!”. The second time, I was combating Gnosticism. Similarly for Alfhelm.

So – who shall I be in November 2007? Well, the month isn’t looking like it is going to be all that interesting. I went to a math conference yesterday, learned a bit about knot theory, but it was nothing life-changing. Next week I have a 24-hour biology lab that’s going to be irritating. Thanksgiving is in a few weeks. But, there’s very little of actual interest occurring. It’s going to be the same old stuff – go to class, go to the cafeteria and talk to mostly uninteresting people, go play Smash because that’s the most interesting social activity around, go do homework and finish it way before it’s due, go read random H. P. Lovecraft stories and perhaps start Dune, go do Wesnoth/Orbivm writing and art. The monotony is getting kind of irritating.

So who does this resemble? Not really any of the characters from any currently-released campaign. But it is somewhat like the main character of the new Orcei Gladiatores campaign I’m working on (though not as much as I should be). The main character is a Samnis – a type of gladiator – named Sparxus. He and several other orcs/goblins decide to break out of captivity and make their way to their homeland. They don’t like having to fight random other orcs they have no personal vendetta against; they want to get somewhere where they have freedom – where they can be allies with who they want, mate with who they want, and kill who they want. Now, I don’t want to leave civilization and revert to the state of nature,  but there is something tempting about not having to do the same thing every day simply because it is expected of you. So this month, I am Sparxus. He probably looks something like this…


4 Responses to A Year Later (November)

  1. Stephen Wang says:

    Congrats on a year, Joseph!

    You play Smash now? XD Interesting. I guess I do too now… I really didn’t play very much Melee at all until I got here, where one of my roommates is this year’s annual Smash tournament champion. And you should start Dune!

    It’s too bad you have so much free time. You should find ways to make good use of it. Be creative. I wish I had more time to do all the interesting stuff I want to do here, ie: read more Lessig.

  2. Yeah, Nathan’s roommate is amazing at Smash and we play in there all the time… I’m still not that good, but I’m improving. I actually stopped playing Link and started playing Zelda. I think she’s a better character.

    Dune will be begun once I get to the library and check it out. Hopefully soon.

  3. Stephen Wang says:

    Cool. Zelda (Sheik) is definitely a better character than Link, although if you’re not high-level it doesn’t matter too much (…although it’s easier to learn Sheik at first). I play Falco now.

    Yay Dune. That’s cool.

  4. chazz says:

    hmm, this whole pick a character thing is different. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone else who picks a character that they will emulate for any set time period other than life really. no one with a goal of setting one every month at least. different. I will have to think about it.

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