Challenges (October)

And now it’s the month of October. (Well, it has been for a few days, actually.) So what’s new around here? Well, not much. I’ve been at college for a month now, so it’s no longer really a novel experience. What’s struck me most about it is… how easy it is. It’s really not that much harder than high school. I suppose this could be written off due to the fact that we’re only one month in, but I don’t think that’s the case – a month really is long enough to get in the full swing of things. There’s only 4 months to a semester, after all.

I don’t mean to say I can just sleep through every class, or that I don’t do homework. I can’t, and I do. But since we’re in class only 3 hours a day instead of 7, we have 4 extra hours to do homework and study. It’s not really that hard to get it all done. I’m certainly not so swamped that I don’t have time to both browse the Wesnoth and Orbivm forums, get some work done on those projects, and have a social life (hell, it’s hard to avoid one, nearly every time I go outside my room I run into someone). It almost seems like I have too much free time – I often find myself wasting time on the computer for want of anything better to do.

So is it that we still aren’t feeling the full grind of college yet? Or is it that we’ve been lied to (unintentionally, I’m sure), led to believe that college was going to require a much greater amount of work than high school? It wouldn’t be the first time. High school to college, middle school to high school, elementary school to middle school, every time they (the teachers, mostly) tell you that it’s suddenly going to be this great challenge to overcome. I’ve never felt that to be the case.

Yet I always get kind of apprehensive about it suddenly getting to hard for me, even though it never does. Now I’m wondering whether this is the time when finally their predictions come true, and I’ll have to start studying, doing homework, studying, and reading books all day long to pass my classes. So far I see no evidence for it.

The Wesnoth character this most resembles, I think, is Gali the dwarven runemaster. He is the one who forges Stormbreaker for Alfhelm the Wise. He, and all Orbian dwarves really, have a hard time understanding why humans (and elves and orcs) are so deceitful, emotional, and confrontational. In particular, Gali’s quest to forge Stormbreaker has some interesting similarities with my above experience. He agrees to do it not only because Alfhelm is willing to pay him so much, but also because it sounds like a challenge he can take on. He is desperate for something difficult to do because he has run out of ideas for what to create. Since I’ve yet to even start writing his campaign, of course, I can’t say much more. (Hell, I haven’t even mentioned the fact that he’ll have his own campaign. Well, here’s the announcement – Gali will, at some point in the far distant future, have his own campaign.)

What does Gali look like? Like a dwarf. Alas, he doesn’t yet have a portrait, so I can’t say much more. I would guess he rather resembles Thursagan.

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Thursagan Gali :P

 By the way, anybody want to volunteer to do portrait art for Fall of Silvium and/or Alfhelm the Wise? It’d be much appreciated.


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