At College (September)

The theme for this month seems blatantly obvious… the first day of Freshman Orientation was on Saturday, so now I’m l iving in the dorms and on Wednesday classes start. I’ll be officially in college. That’s a pretty damn big deal, supposedly. The main change seems to be living at home vs. living on campus.

I’m currently “undeclared”. I’ll probably end up double majoring in mathematics and philosophy. Or mathematics and English. Or just philosophy, or just English. Or… well, that’s why I’m undeclared. I’ll post back in a year or so when I’ve decided what I’m doing,

What character this makes me like is less clear. I suspect Malin Keshar, the anti-hero of Descent into Darkness, because he’s the only character who is ever mentioned as going to school. Of course, he gets kicked out for pulling a cruel prank and goes on to become a necromancer, but… whatever.

Malin Keshar


2 Responses to At College (September)

  1. Baufo says:

    I wish you luck.

    PS: Any chance you will tell us what you are going to study there?

  2. Weeksy says:

    Delfador Went to School (See Delfador’s Memoirs) and people have stereotyped him into being so much more badass than Malin.

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