Trade Deadline (August)

I’m writing this on July 31st, but… hey, it’s August GMT. The baseball trade deadline has passed… or at least it passes in the next few hours.

The Rangers have made three trades. The first sent Kenny Lofton (CF) away in exchange for a single-A catcher. Which may seem sort of odd – a major league player for a single-A player – but we only had Lofton for this year, we’re not doing anything this year, so we might as well get what we can for him. And we need to get rid of him so we can try out Nelson Cruz and Marlon Byrd.

Next, they traded Mark Texeira (1B) for Jared Saltalamacchia (C/1B) and a bunch of prospects. To this, I say – good job. We only had Teixeira until the end of 2008, we couldn’t re-sign him, and I won’t really miss him. And we got a good deal for him.

The Eric Gagne trade was a good idea too. We got a decent starting pitcher (though he is a rookie) who might develop into something good. And, like Lofton, we only had Gagne for the rest of the season. That said, I’ll miss him the most of these three, since he was a good player and we definitely could have re-signed him – he said he liked Texas and thought we had the best bullpen he’d ever been in.

Anyway, as you can see, it’s pretty easy to make good trades when you’re having a fire-sale – you just get rid of everybody you don’t have a long-term contract for and get what you can for them.

If you were wondering, this post is baseball-themed because that’s probably what a lot of my August is going to be about. I’m out of town for two weeks on vacation and three days in WashingtonDC (ugh), I won’t have a computer either of those places, and I’ll probably be paying a lot more attention to the Rangers during that time than I have been so far this summer. And I’m also going to go to as many baseball games as I can, since come September 1st I probably won’t be able to (I’ll be at college), and IIRC we have a lot of tickets left, a lot of games in August.

Anyway, let me think…. what Wesnoth character is most baseball-like? It seems to me it has to be a troll, you know, carrying a big club, like a big baseball bat – or maybe an outlaw, with a club for a bat and a sling representing his glove. Of course, I’ve never written a campaign with an outlaw or troll character, so I’ll have to pick someone from another campaign.

I chooose Baldras, from Liberty. Mainly because I prefer all-around good players to sluggers. Trolls remind me of David Ortiz, the designated hitter – “me big man with club. I hit ball far. Argh!!!”. Outlaws are more diverse in their skillset.



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