Month of Julius Caesar

It is now July. Summer is over 1/3rd over. What exactly have I accomplished?

So far;

* I’ve finished rewriting the penultimate scenario in Fall of Silvium and written the fifth scenario, so the final version of that campaign will be out any day now. This took longer than expected, but I think the final version is pretty dang good.

* I’ve finished part I and gotten to scenario 3 on part II of the Alfhelm campaign; that means there’s about 7 scenarios left to write (plus talking scenarios). And the maps for two of the unfinished scenarios are done.

* I’ve finished and published another story, as I mentioned in an earlier post.

Let’s hope July is just as productive, or more so.

Anyway, this month it’s looking like I’m going to be a hermit, holing up with a computer to get as much work done as I can. Which reminds me of no one so much as Dacyn, the white mage who eventually finds out how to defeat Mal-Ravanal.

Dacyn the White Mage


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