An Apology

I realize that I haven’t published any new Wesnoth campaigns for almost a year (the most recent version of Fall of Silvium came out last August). I apologize for that. There are a couple of reasons for it.

First of all, I started writing a campaign about Mal-Ravanal and got several scenarios in before abandoning it (I had wanted to make a more RPGish campaign but I eventually decided that to do so would take considerably more work than I was willing to put in). So I ended up spending considerable time on a never-to-be-published campaign. (I couldn’t even publish it if I wanted to now, because I lost the files – and Descent into Darkness does a lot of what I wanted to do, though it could use a lot of improvement, and I would rather work on making that campaign better than on reviving the Mal-Ravanal campaign.) That was kind of disappointing, but it wasn’t completely wasted, as it meant more experience with WML and some cool scenario ideas.

Then I started spending more of my Wesnoth time working on the Imperial Era itself (and its spinoff eras) than on any campaigns. This has paid off in some ways – the IE is essentially done and a lot of progress is being made on the Feudal Era.

I also began a campaign about Alfhelm the Wise but little progress was made. And real life intervened on a couple of occasions, variously taking away any free time that I might have to write campaigns and sapping the intellectual and artistic energy that’s needed to write them. So what little time I did spend on campaigns ended up not producing a whole lot of actual maps and scenarios. But it did lead to my developing a rich backstory that will hopefully make it a more interesting and captivating campaign that the usually fare (which is the whole idea behind the Orbivm project, after all). I do plan on finishing Alfhelm sometime soon, hopefully before school starts up again.

And what time I didn’t spend writing scenarios and such I spend on other creative exercises. Only one of these have I put online (Þe Hall of Valhalla play), but there are a bunch more on my computer and on scraps of paper in my room. I’ll be putting all of them on the web in the next few days.


  • The completed Imperial Era has already been published and we’re looking for feedback on it; go try it out, please.
  • The Feudal Era will probably be out by the end of June.
  • Alfhelm will be out by September at the latest.
  • All of the non-Wesnoth stuff I will be putting up on a website for all to see sometime in the near future.

Essentially – it may have seemed to be a dry school year, but a lot was happening under the surface, and it will all be revealing itself over the next few months. It should be a good summer.

Oh, I also plan on finally improving that next-to-last scenario in Fall of Silvium so that you don’t randomly lose half the time. But I haven’t actually sat down and done anything on that yet so it didn’t make it into the list.


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