There is no Joy in Mudville

… mighty Casey has struck out.

I think +two months is enough time to at least render a preliminary verdict on the new Rangers manager, Ron Washington. Essentially – he’s no good. He should have stayed as a coach, because he doesn’t know what he’s doing as a manager. Reasons:

  • He seems to me to be a micro-manager, especially with regards to defense, and this is why the Rangers’ defense sucks. He’s supposed to be leading a ‘return to the fundamentals’. But major league ballplayers already know the fundamentals. It’s’ not just condescending of Washington to lead such a return, its counterproductive. It makes the players not confident in their abilities. I had uneasy feelings when I first heard that he was ‘bringing back pepper’, but I was willing to be optimistic. No more.
  • He’s overly optimistic. Even after our horrific May, he was talking about how we’re going to win 20 games in June. Well, 14 days in, I think we can see how much nonsense that was. Some optimism is OK, but not if its clouding your judgement. He seems to think that all the pieces are about to fall into place, and he doesn’t need to make any more changes. That’s clearly not true.
  • He was brought in to be a player’s manager, but reports are that he isn’t all that popular in the clubhouse. Why would this be? Look at the above two reasons. He’s incompetent, and players can’t like an incompetent manager no matter how nice he is. Plus, if what I’ve been reading is true, he can’t handle the authority he’s been given. He was yelling at Teixeira for not trying hard enough. That’s nonsense.

But, but… we brought Washington in precisely because he was optimistic, popular with the players, and would improve the defense! Well, I would posit we made a horrible mistake. And we should have seen this from the beginning. Why would we hire someone with essentially no experience managing?

I hope I’m wrong with this assessment, but as it currently stands, I’d rather have Buck Showalter *shudder* as manager rather than Washington. We might not be the best team in the majors, but we sure as hell wouldn’t be 23-42. Nothing against Washington, but he wasn’t cut out to be a manager. Not everyone can do everything.

(I know that ‘Washington is no good’ is the verdict of most people up to this point, and for much the same reasons as I have above. There’s not a lot I can do about that. Sometimes the majority’s right.)


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