Freedom!! (June)

A few recent developments:

1) As of May 19th, I am now a high school graduate. Any more schooling I do is entirely voluntary. I’m going to go to the University of Dallas, as I’ve mentioned before, but I’m not yet a student there (I’m not enrolled yet), so for the first time in 11 years or however long it’s been I am free.

2) As of May 30th, I have my own laptop (I got it for college). I’m making this post from it. (It took me another four days to get it working properly with Debian Etch, but oh well.)

3) As of June 2nd, I now officially have nothing I have to do until September 1st. (This includes both school-related and social items.) I’ll probably have some stuff come up between now and then (like maybe get a job), but for now, I have absolutely no obligations except those that are self-imposed – i.e. Wesnoth- or Orbivm-related.

So what does this mean? All together, these things mean that I am FREE. I can go wherever the wind takes me, beholden to no one. Or so I’d like to believe – the reality is rather different.

“Wherever the wind takes me” is a Muppet Treasure Island (greatest muppet movie ever, by the way) reference. And what were they doing in Muppet Treasure Island? They were sailing after buried treasure. On a boat. They were mariners.

Just like Meneldur.


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