May showers

We’ve been getting some crazy weather down here. Namely, a whole bunch of thunderstorms. It’s been pretty fun, actually; I like the rain, and we’re in a drought so the more the better.

However… the Rangers baseball game I tried to go to last Wednesday got rained out. Not cool. I really wanted to see the game against the Yankees, and they’re not coming back the rest of the season.

Still, it actually is fun, in a strange way, to wait in the stadium for the game to start (too bad it never did). It was raining pretty hard, and we were pretty much sheltered but not completely secure, so that was kind of exciting. And I ended up talking with my dad and brothers intermittently for about an hour about random stuff. We would talk about Jericho, then about whether the storm was going to end, then about baseball, then be interrupted by a huge burst of thunder, then talk about Jericho again.

Which brings me to my point – I have become an expert in waiting. I actually enjoy it now. I usually spend about two hours after school waiting for my parents to pick me up and come home. I spend these two hours doing whatever I want. Sometimes I have to wait for four, five hours. A year ago I would have gone crazy having to wait four hours to get home, but today I do it fine.

Now, let’s combine these two. Thunderstorms, and waiting. Well, waiting means I’m probably an elf, having lots of time to burn. Thunderstorms means I’m a Sidhe.

I know – Leithan!


2 Responses to May showers

  1. urs says:

    you should play sidhe during a thunderstorm. Turn the volume on the computer really low, but loud enough to have the effects audible, and then just play. Incidentally, see my post in the tc thread in the orbivm forums.

  2. Turin Hurinson says:

    I would, but my house has a nasty habit of losing power whenever it rains.

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