The Bats are Quiet…

What is going on with the Rangers? We’re two weeks into the season, and:

  • Michael Young is hitting .185
  • Mark Teixeira doesn’t yet have a home run
  • The Rangers as a team are hitting around .215 – 2nd worst in the league
  • 3 players are below .200
  • 5 players are between .200 and .250
  • 3 players are between .250 and .300,
  • Only 2 players are above .300 (Kinsler, who is the only Ranger hitting decently right now, and Stewart – who has only had nine at-bats!)
  • They were no-hit by the Chicago White Sox last week.

Traditionally it’s been the pitching that has been the problem for the Rangers, but it is quite clearly the hitting so far this year.

I’m particularly concerned about Michael Young. I have no doubt he will eventually come around and start hitting again – but when? Young’s one of my favorite players, and he needs to start producing to back up my high opinion of him.

[The pitching hasn’t been particularly good either, but it’s been better than the batting. The only pitcher I’m really concerned about is Brandon McCarthy, who so far hasn’t proven to me that he can pitch.]


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