The baseball season has begun! I’m going to my first Rangers game of the year tonight. (I went to an exhibition game two weeks ago, but that’s just not the same.) I might write later about why baseball is teh awesome, but for now, some random comments on baseball. These are really unrelated, not comprehensive, and not entirely serious, but I thought it would be fun to make a list of all of them…

About the Rangers in particular –

  • Yes, they started this season 0-3. But that’s not so bad. The Dallas Mavericks started this season 0-4, and now they’re guaranteed top seed in the playoffs. So the Rangers are guaranteed to win 60, maybe even 70 games. :P
  • I’m somewhat irritated that Kam Loe isn’t the 5th starter (instead he’s in the bullpen). He had an outstanding spring training, but they gave the spot to Jamey Wright, who really isn’t very good, and who is already old and not going to make anything of himself… but for the month of April, at least, Loe will do more good in the bullpen anyway.
  • I doubt Sammy Sosa will make much of himself this year. He’s old, been out of baseball for a year, and just won’t do much. I’m glad they gave Nelson Cruz the everyday RF spot, and that they’re going to switch between Wilkerson, Sosa and Catalanato for LF and DH. Let the old guys fight it out amongst themselves.
  • My favorite Rangers player is Michael Young, but he hasn’t had a great season so far (bear in mind it’s only been 8 games)… hopefully he’ll pick up the pace. Another 200+ hit season would be nice.

About baseball in general:

  • The Red Sox outspent the Yankees this offseason. Here’s hoping it doesn’t pay off for them, and they both wind up losing to the Blue Jays. Of course, that’s not gonna happen, but you can always hope.
  • Like everyone else, I’m predicting a Detroit world series win.
  • You know A-Rod, K-Rod, and the rest of those guys? Well, the new Red Sox pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka doesn’t need one of those. He first name already works for that – Dice-K. The question is… what the hell does “dike-k” mean? It’s luck whether or not he strikes you out?

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