March 25th

Do you know what today is the anniversary of? Well? Do you?

OK, well, firstly, I suppose, it is the day celebrated in the Christian world as the Feast of the Annunciation. (You see, it’s exactly nine months before Christmas, and the normal gestation time for a human fetus is approximately that same length of time…)

But also, though perhaps not more importantly (the Annunciation is a pretty big deal), it is the day upon which, in the 3019th year of the Third Age of the Sun and Moon, the One Ring of Sauron the Black was thrown into Amon Amarth, into the very fires of Sammath Naur.

Yeah, I’m a Tolkien nerd.

[By the way, the Annunciation is apparently not celebrated on the 25th if that day is on a Sunday or during Holy Week. So it’s actually tomorrow, though normally it wouldn’t be.]


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