Music: The Scientist (Coldplay)

It’s been a, shall we say… interesting week. Starting just about last Monday. And through it all, I’ve had this damn Coldplay song stuck in my head. (Actually, that started a few days earlier, two Fridays ago, when we had Braveart at my school and a pianist came and played it for us.)

It’s not a bad song, actually, though it isn’t really the type of music I like and it gets irritating after hearing it (in my head) 100+ times. And, strangely enough, it seemed to be rather relevant to how the events of the past week have played out.

First of all, it deals with a scientist who was completely preoccupied with his work. And I am almost always preoccupied with mathematics. In mathematical news this week – I finalized my senior project (studying Cantorian set theory); I went down to Rice University and my school placed 3rd overall in their math competition; I took a physics competition today and my team got 1st.

The song is, more specifically, about a guy whose girlfriend breaks up with him because he ignores her in favor of his science. That isn’t exactly what happened to me (it was considerably more complicated than that, and I’m not nearly as depressed as the guy in the song), but it was a bit too close for comfort. And it sort of freaked me out that I heard it on Friday, it got stuck in my head the next day, and the relevant events happened five days later…

Finally, it’s about a guy who, as a scientist, clearly graduated from college. And I am now going to do so as well, as of last Wednesday. I got accepted to the University of Dallas last week, and was essentially accepted to Notre Dame as well (though I don’t find out officially until April or something). And I got a scholarship that will let me go to college anywhere I want. So now I just have to decide where I want to go.

As for the actual song – well, like I said, it’s well done. Not really my type of music. And, since it’s really popular, anyone who reads this will probably have heard it before. So I won’t say much about it.


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