I like Brickshelf. It provides free hosting for LEGO-related pictures, videos, etc. Yes, the interface leaves something to be desired, but in my opinion it’s a fairly cool service to provide.

Here’s my brickshelf page.

It’s divided into 5 directories. Here’s what I have there:


  • A Lavinian Coliseum I built. It isn’t to scale with the minifigs (if it was, it would be HUGE), but it’s still cool. One of the pictures shows a hugely oversized Legionnaire fighting a troll.
  • A stereotypical Dark Tower, like Utumno, Angband, Minas Morgul, Barad Dur, or Isengard. It has a bunch of Lichs, Skeletons, Wraiths, etc, hanging off of it. And a Dark Lord on top.
  • A Treasure Cave. This is somewhat Wesnoth-related – it is supposed to be the cave where Rugnur, Thursagan, Alanin, et al., holed up when the Elves attacked them. It doubles as the place where I store all jewel-like pieces – I find it useful to sort out the rarer bricks from the standards ones.
  • An Elven Castle, modeled on what I think Tirion upon Túna would look like. It only has one tower and the front wall complete; if I had enough white and blue bricks, I would make all four sides and a central keep, but… I don’t. The tower comes apart into 3 separate pieces, and there is actually a spiral staircase inside.


  • A Balrog of Morgoth. (What did you say???)
  • Alanin with the Sceptre of Fire behind him on a sled. Not that he ever actually did this in the campaign.
  • Alfhelm the Wise. I imagine Alfhelm wore mostly dark, grey-hued colors.
  • Some sword-wielding cavalry.
  • A chariot. I was inspired to make this after reading Claudius the God, which described in detail how the Celts used chariots against the Romans when they invaded England.
  • Some lancers. (Most of my cavalry comes in groups of three.)
  • A Lavinian Legionnaire. Unfortunately, I don’t have the requisite pieces to make more of these guys. The shields are rather rare.
  • A Marauder Longboat, with a Valkyrie on top, a Galdra in front, and a Lord at the oars. This one is from a set, with minor modifications.
  • A working Marauder ballista. This one is also from a set with minor modifications.
  • Three generic marauder warriors, two with axes, one with a sword.
  • A cart with merchant goods on the back. Rather peaceful.
  • A Mermaid Initiate. This was originally made as a Heroes of Might and Magic Naga, which are blue, but in Wesnoth, it is Mermaids that are blue, and Nagas are green…
  • Warrior monks! I’m not sure how useful these guys would actually be in battle.
  • A Mumak, with a bunch of Easterlings on its back. It could also be interpreted as a Nemidian Elephant.
  • An Orcish Berkserker. Not a real unit. And its skin is green, not brown – all of my LEGO orcs look like that, BTW.
  • A group of three Orcish Spearmen, an Orcish Axeman, and an Orcish Shaman.
  • A badly lit picture of a red ballista. It actually works – when strung, it fires a goodly distance, 6-8 feet.
  • Rugnur, from the Sceptre of Fire campaign, nominally. Though in reality Rugnur would never have had a long white beard or a pickaxe…
  • A cave scorpion. I really don’t like Bionicle, but I had some pieces from it and decided to make something interesting out of them.
  • A Wild Elf Wanderer. His shirt is from the Star Wars sets – I think it’s Gungan.
  • A random siege tower.
  • A troll whelp and a troll. These were made back when orcs were green. I don’t have the pieces to remake them in grey.
  • A Marauder Valkyrie.
  • Three Wolf Riders. These wolves took a lot of work to make, and I’m fairly proud of them. Though they do have a tendency to fall over. :/


  • Pictures and video of my LEGO Machine Gun.

(These are shields made for an abandoned project to represent the Saving Elensefar campaign in LEGO. I stopped when I realized I don’t have a good enough printer to actually make the shields.)

  • Elensian (from Elensefar) shield. The good guys!
  • Silver Claw orcish clan shield (this is the clan that attacks Elensefar, though the name is never mentioned in the campaign).
  • Forest of Wesmere shield. The emblem of the elves that attack Meneldur and his men.
  • Wesnothian Army shield. These guys also have it in for Meneldur.


  • So far, I only have one thing here – a witch-burning ceremony, with inquisitor and all. The plan, however, is to make a bunch of small scenes like this, take pictures of them, and then take them apart. My next scene is going to be Vanimaro, Wild Elven King, dying on the battlefields near Iceswept Bay.

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