The Month of February

My choice shall be easy this month. February is, quite simply, the Month of Math. This is proven by the fact that, at the math contest I attended on Feb. 3rd, I won a brand new calculator (a TI-89 Titanium). Among other reasons it is the month of math:

  • We had half of a contest on Groundhog Day (the other half was earlier in the week, and not in this month).
  • We have another contest tomorrow.
  • We have another contest on the 23rd.
  • I am going to spend a great deal of my free time this month writing a poem about math.

So, if this is math month, what Wesnothian character am I? I would associate math most with Dacyn. This is for a couple of reasons. One of them is that Dacyn is based at least somewhat on my brother, who is even better at math than I am. Another is that Dacyn is a white mage, and thus a servant of God, and, as I’ve said previously, Math e God.

So, this month’s character is…

Dacyn, the Mage of Light.

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