January: Who Shall I Be This Month?

My personality tends to oscillate between different characteristics. This tends to happen every month or so. So, I like to label each month with a name that sums up my attitude towards life at that moment. Now, these different characteristics show up to varying degrees in the different stories I write. Last November, I was Alfhelm the Wise. December, I was Mal-Ravanal.

What shall I be this month, I wonder? Well, one of the defining characteristics of this month is going to be the death of Fiach Dubh. Those of you who frequent the Wesnoth forums will realize that this is a very sad event for many of us. What can you say – death sucks. (Well, this isn’t exactly my outlook on death – I may have more to say on this in a few weeks.) And a friend dying makes one think about one’s own mortality.

Another important influence will be the complete antipathy (not just apathy) I currently feel towards what is normally termed ‘a life’. All I want to do right now is sit down and spend a really long time working on Orbivm. I don’t want to interact with people. At all. I’m just really tired of acting like I’m less bored than I am. Going back to school yesterday was harder than I thought it would be, for that reason.

So… these sound like very Dwarven qualities to me. Fatalistic and autistic. I think I’ll be a Dwarf this month.

That means I’m either Thursagan or Rugnur. Which one, though? Not Rugnur. He’s naive, interested in the world… I suspect Thursagan. He’s a wise old sage who wants to just live in solitude in the far northlands and craft runic artifacts. That sounds exactly like me right now.

I am Thursagan, then. The January iteration of Túrin is Thursagan.


3 Responses to January: Who Shall I Be This Month?

  1. Oreb says:

    Fiach is dead?!? in my absence, which will go on for another month, I must have missed it.

  2. Turin Hurinson says:

    Well, it was reported that she is dead. We can’t actually know if she died or is faking her death for some perverse reason (easy to do over the internet, obviously). I prefer to believe the former.

  3. Oreb says:

    Ouch… Upon actually reading that, I searched the forums, and looked at the most likely people and threads for that to be, and well, I never found anything.

    I want to believe the former as well, though, how would the person who reported it, know about this forum, and that she was well acquainted with it, though in a very short time.

    She was one of the most liked forum members, by all, in such a short time, and of course helped with the danny situation quite well.

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