Where It Should All Begin

I often encounter a problem when debating with people. We have fundamentally different beliefs about the fundamental nature of the universe. So, since we’re not even really speaking the same language, how can we debate?

This also raises the rather disturbing question of, how can we really prove anything? All proofs rest on assumptions. These assumptions cannot be justified without resting on more assumptions. Gödel proved it; you cannot have a complete and consistent system. You cannot prove all truths.

So, if we are to reason in such a way that all may accept our conclusions, where must we begin?

I propose that we begin with the assumption that reason is a valid tool for drawing conclusions. This is not because it can be proven true. It is because, if it is not true, we cannot reason anyway. Drawing this assumption breaks it logically into two possibilities – either whatever we can prove based on this assumption is true, or we cannot know anything about anything – since reason is not a valid tool, we cannot use reason to draw any conclusions whatsoever. It is not that this, strictly speaking, is not a possibility; it is that this possibility is meaningless. If the world is indeed like that, green. Illogicality. Irrationality. Fhjklasdgflh.

So let us begin by assuming that reason is a valid tool for analysis.

From here we can reason our way to the truth. I believe that this logical progression would go something like this.

  • Reason is a valid means for explaining the nature of the universe.
  • If “reason is valid”, reason must be universally valid.
  • If reason is universally valid, God must exist (see Retreat!).


I believe that this logical progression will eventually lead one to Christianity. Or at least to a place where Christianity is a perfectly logical way of explaining the nature of God, the universe, and everything. Naturally I can’t prove this, yet. But I suspect it is true. Follow the logic… follow the logic.

So, in my mind, there are two choices for what to believe. You can follow the path of reason, which I believe leads to Christianity. Or, you can be a wqertybfk. I know which one I would rather be.


3 Responses to Where It Should All Begin

  1. Maeglin the Black says:

    I tend to avoid debates on Wesnoth for two reasons.

    1. I’m a moderator. I relly shouldn’t be getting too into things.

    2. Everyone is completely convinced they are right, even when in defiance of all reality. I’d rather not waste my time. I probably waste enough time forum-watching as it is.

  2. Luke says:

    “Retreat!” is gone.

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