I accidentally erased all my posts. Dammit. :(

I’ll try to reconstruct what I can… I might still have some of them cached or something.

I have all of them cached except for the first three. Stephen has those on his computer, he says. So, I’ll have all of the posts reconstructed – but the comments are probably lost forever. Such is life.

And I also lost the post I made right before the Great Cataclysm. However, since I wrote it only a few hours ago, I should be able to recover essentially what was said.

All of the posts have been recovered except for the Deptford Mice Trilogy review. I doubt we’ll ever see that again. Whew. That was really, really, irritating…


10 Responses to Slag

  1. Stephen says:

    I have your first three posts stored on this computer, and as for the rest I only have summaries because your RSS feed switched over to summaries somehow…

  2. Turin Hurinson says:

    Cool. I have the rest of them from the Mozilla cache files, so if you could send the first three to me I’ll have all of them reconstructed…

    I don’t think I’ll be able to reconstruct the comments, but maybe.

  3. Nathan says:

    You use slag as an expletive too?

    Rattrap and Dinobot ftw.

  4. Maeglin the Black says:

    There we go. Nathan is me. Figure you’d recognize this name more.

    Not even sure why Nathan was used… Stupid Blogger….

  5. Turin Hurinson says:

    I’m really confused now. Maeglin Dubh’s real name is Nathan?… whatever. (I know someone in real life named Nathan, who is nothing like Mr. Dubh.)

    Anyway, yeah, I borrowed slag from maeglin.

  6. Maeglin the Black says:

    Yup. Really Nathan. And I’m pretty sure I live nowhere near you.

    Do you know where slag originally came from?

  7. Turin Hurinson says:

    nope. I just remember you posting about it on the forums, and finding it amusing.

  8. Maeglin the Black says:

    It’s a Beast Wars reference.

  9. Maeglin the Black says:

    Appears in this episode….

    Optimus Prime: No one… move…. You hear me?! I’ll blow your SLAGGIN’ HEADS OFF!!!

  10. Oreb says:

    Alot of peoples ‘real’ names would seem strange, like turin is Joseph, maeglin is Nathan, I wonder what scott’s real name is? :P And I wonder if anyone could guess my name, since those adapt with computers could find out, since I do have it linked to my IP, and etc.

    Beast Wars, that is very old. While we are on the topic of Transformers… This new Transformers movie might appear interesting, I’ve always been a fan of the Transformers series, though not the most recent ones.

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