Why LEGOs Are Teh Awesome

Now, for a more lighthearted post.

First off, if you didn’t know – I really like LEGOs (properly called LEGO ™ bricks). My bedroom is filled with them. I have a 1.5ft (height) x 1ft (depth) x 3ft (width) LEGO elven castle, a 2ft x 1 ft x 1ft LEGO sorcerer’s tower, and a bunch of minifigs. I might post pics of them someday… as soon as I get a digital camera.

But I’m nowhere near as obsessed as these people. I mean, that’s impressive. Just click any of the “Featured MOC” links. The 2006 one is the most impressive, methinks.

I wish I had that many LEGOs to play around with. I could finish my elven castle. Right now it’s just one side of the castle. I still need 3 more sides, plus a keep. If I ever finish it, it’ll be 3ft x 3ft x 3ft, at least.

But there are really two different elements to LEGO bricks. There are the bricks themselves, which you build into impressive castles like those linked to above. Then there are the little people, called minifigs. It’s a lot of fun to customize them, too. Make different characters, reconstruct scenes from history or fiction… right now I’m trying to make models of various scenes from Orbivm’s history.

Which is better? They require very different skills to do well. Castle-making is, in essence, architecture. Modding minifigs is basically costuming. I think I prefer castle-making in theory, but it is much more expensive (you have to buy a whole lot of bricks to make anything decent, versus just having a few minifigs, the proper printer, and some designs).

So… anyone else play with LEGOs when they were kids? Anyone still play with them?


One Response to Why LEGOs Are Teh Awesome

  1. Urs says:

    I can only agree on the title.

    When I was in 2-5th grade, I would play with legos every day. I would usually make [modern] cities, buildings, etc. Now I don’t have that much time, but sometimes on weekends/vacations I just begin building again, and then I dont stop for the next couple of hours.

    However, recently I feel lego (the company) has been doing something wrong: Now they sell these pre-boxed sets with lots of “one use only” bricks and electronics, usually based on a movie or some other story/”world” that they made. I liked it much more when they sold a box of bricks “windows” or “wall components” or just overall something like “castle”. They still did that in ’99-2001. Then they began to sell “star wars” sets, and it just went downhill from there.

    And Please, post images of that Elven Castle or the Orbivm Scenes*

    *Lego Orbivm scenes? I must try that.

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