Reason Redux

It’s always a good feeling when one’s philosophical/theological ramblings turn out to have came to a conclusion completely compatible with what you actually believe.

Recently, due to the paper on Islam I wrote for theology class, I’ve been thinking about the relationship between reason and God. As I explained in my previous post on why God>=math (though perhaps it would be more accurate to say math is a member of the set God),

Truth is a part of God.

A friend of mine seemed to think that my conclusion (that math is God, or at least a part of him) was heretical. I wasn’t sure whether it was or not, so I put it in the back of my mind as another topic for discussion.

Then, I read an article in crisis (a Catholic magazine, less scholarly than First Things but good nonetheless) talking about Islam and its conception of reason and God. As is makes clear, according to the Gospel of John, Christ is Logos. This means that God is reason. As the article (by Robert R. Reilly) said,

As Benedict makes clear, the reason Christianity was insulated from an obsession with God’s omnipotence was the revelation of Christ as Logos in the Gospel of St. John. If Christ is Logos – if God introduces Himself as ratio – then God is not only all-powerful, He is reason.

Assuming, then, that math is “part of” truth and reason in the sense that I mean, math is God. Math is the second person of the Holy Trinity.

I realize proof through authority is not valid in philosophy, but this is theology, man. Gimme a break.


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