The Deptford Mice Trilogy [reconstructed]

I first read these books a few years ago, and I reread them a few months ago. I was struck by how… mature they are, for supposed childrens books.

The basic reasons are:

  • The characters are well developed. They are not one-dimensional, and they are still believable.
  • The struggle is not one between good and bad, it is between Good and Evil.
  • Yet none of the characters are entirely good. The book manages to “create the idea of white when the characters are only different shades of grey”.
  • The books effectively portray magic.

The original content of this post have been lost to the great digital void. The essential points of this post were reconstructed by Túrin a month after the fact, but do not imagine for a second that the current content of this post is as good as the original.


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